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Best soap ever!

People that have used the Cannuka CBD line say it’s life changing. Hyperbole? Well, it’s pretty darn close to life changing, it will definitely change the way you cleanse your skin.

Have you been looking for an incredible soap that not only leaves your skin feeling amazing, but makes you feel mentally alert as well? We loved how our skin felt renewed and fresh, but not overwashed. The smell is absolutely wonderful. We can’t say enough about the Cannuka Soap Cleansing Body Bar. You have to try it to understand!

This product is sometimes hard to come by, so here are some of my favorite alternatives for Cannuka Soap…


Product Description

The Cannuka Soap Cleansing Body Bar is a luxurious, oversized hand-cut soap. Enhanced with hemp oil, essential black pepper oil, coconut oil, and grapefruit oil. blends  

Cannuka offers a fully lathery wash. You’ll feel super pampered when you’re done.

Great for every day use.

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